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Legal Secretary - Career Profile - Legal Careers - About.com
A career profile of legal secretaries including job duties, education, skills, practice environments, salary, job outlook and additional resources.
Top 10 Legal Secretary Skills and Qualifications - Legal Careers
The role of legal secretaries has evolved in the past two decades but these 10 core skills have remained the same.
Litigation Secretary: Job Duties and Required Skills - Legal Careers
A career as a litigation secretary can be challenging and fulfilling. Learn about the job duties, skills and education of a litigation secretary.
Legal Receptionist Job Overview - Legal Careers - About.com
An inside look at the job of a legal receptionist. ... In smaller offices, the legal receptionist may also double as a legal secretary for one or more attorneys. Typical ...
Paralegal - Legal Careers - About.com
The titles of "paralegal" and "legal assistant" have evolved over the last several decades since the paralegal field first sprung into existence. Learn the difference  ...
8 Work Traits of a Successful Secretary - Legal Careers - About.com
So, you've mastered the core skills of a legal secretary. How do you set yourself apart as a stand-out secretarial professional? Here are 8 traits of a successful ...
Legal Jobs – Part II: Non-Lawyer Careers in a Law Firm
However, as the legal roles evolve and become more specialized, many legal assistant positions today are a stepping stone to a paralegal job. Legal assistants  ...
10 Hot Legal Careers for Non-Lawyers - About.com
However, a number of satisfying, lucrative legal career opportunities exist that do ... for legal services has sparked opportunities for legal secretaries (also called ...
Legal Transcriptionist Career Profile - Legal Careers - About.com
If you would like a rewarding job in the legal field that does not require years of ... Other legal transcriptionists work as legal secretaries, legal assistants or clerks ...
Eight Best Things About Being a Paralegal or Legal Assistant
The paralegal industry has changed significantly since the 1970's when paralegals, also known as legal assistants, first emerged as a bona fide career.
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