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Paralegal Job Education, Skills, Duties and Salary - Legal Careers
Paralegals cannot give legal advice, represent a client in court, establish legal fees or sign documents filed with the court. Paralegal Job Duties: Paralegals ...
Paralegal Career Information - Legal Careers - About.com
If you are considering a career as a paralegal or legal assistant, the articles below can help you determine whether a paralegal career is right for you.
A Guide to Paralegal Certification (Legal Careers)
Paralegal Certification - A guide to paralegal certification including reasons for certification, certifying organizations, professional designations, elibility ...
Paralegal - Career Information and Profile
A paralegal assists lawyers in performing their jobs. They help them with a variety of tasks, including preparing for trials, hearings and closings; doing research; ...
Eight Best Things About Being a Paralegal or Legal ... - Legal Careers
Client demands, economic necessity and explosive growth have made paralegals a popular career choice. Learn the 8 best things about being a paralegal.
PARALEGAL CAREER FIELD - US Military - About.com
Air Force enlisted job descriptions and qualification factors. PARALEGAL CAREER FIELD.
8 Worst Things About Being a Paralegal - Legal Careers - About.com
A career as paralegal (also known as a legal assistant) can be a wonderfully fulfilling profession. However, paralegal jobs have their disadvantages. If you are  ...
Guide to Paralegal Programs and Education - Legal Careers - About ...
A guide to paralegal programs and paralegal education options including types of programs, program content, ABA approval, the best education options and ...
8 Skills You Need to Succeed as a Paralegal - Legal Careers
The following list outlines eight of the top paralegal skills necessary for success. Mastering these core competencies can help you advance in the workplace and  ...
What is a Paralegal? - Legal Careers - About.com
The titles of "paralegal" and "legal assistant" have evolved over the last several decades since the paralegal field first sprung into existence. Learn the difference  ...
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