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Law Firm

Over three quarters of all legal professionals work in a law firm. Learn more about law firm life.

Private Practice
An overview of employment in private practice.

15 Benefits of Working in a Large Law Firm
Learn about the advantages of working in a large law firm.

15 Challenges of Working in a Large Law Firm
Life in a large law firm may mean higher salaries and challenging work but it is not without its disadvantages. Learn about 15 challenges to working in a large law firm.

10 Benefits of Working In a Small Law Firm
Most attorneys in private practice are employed in small law firms and solo practices. Learn about the 10 top benefits of working in a small law firm.

10 Challenges of Working in a Small Law Firm or Solo Practice
Read about the top ten challenges to employment in a small law firm or solo practice.

How to Get a BigLaw Job: Understanding the Basics of BigLaw

How to Get a BigLaw Job: On-Campus Intervewing Basics
Want a BigLaw job? You’ll have to get through the gauntlet of on-campus interviewing (or OCI). Here’s how.

How to Get a BigLaw Job: Acing Summer Associate Interviews
Previously, we talked about the basics of BigLaw and on-campus interviewing (OCI). Now let’s talk about how to ace your summer associate interviews, so you can land a call back and get the offer.

How to Get a BigLaw Job: Call Back Interviews
If all goes well at your initial OCI summer associate interviews, you’ll receive “call back” offers. Here's how to handle them so you get the offer.

Which BigLaw Summer Associate Offer Should You Accept?
If all goes well at your call back interviews, you’ll soon face an enviable decision: Which summer associate offer should you accept? Here are 12 things to consider.

What Happens in a BigLaw Summer Associate Program?

Maximizing Your Chances of a Permanent BigLaw Offer as a Summe Associate
Let’s talk about what you need to do as a summer associate, to maximize your chances of getting a permanent offer.

Handling Problems During Your BigLaw Summer Job
Sometimes, through no fault of your own, things don’t go so well as a summer associate. Here are 5 tips for common problems.

What if Your BigLaw Summer Job is a Bust?
If the BigLaw firm you summered at isn’t going to work out permanently, you need to decide what to do next. Quickly!

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