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Career Advancement Strategies

Want to fast-track your legal career? Look here for career advancement advice including tips on charting your career path, developing career goals, career mistakes to avoid and other advice on how to get ahead in your job.
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  2. Workplace Attire in the Legal Industry (3)

Save Money on Industry Conferences
Discover 5 ways to get the most out of industry conferences without spending a penny.

Layoff Warning Signs
In the sinking economy few employees are safe. Here are a few signals that layoffs are looming in your law firm or company.

10 Ways to Keep Your Job if Layoffs are Imminent

A record number of legal jobs have vanished in the current economic downturn. Here are ten ways you can protect your job in the face of pending layoffs.

8 Tips for Dealing with a Bad Boss
Is working for your boss a challenge? Here are 8 tips for dealing with a bad boss.

Tips for Breaking into Electronic Discovery
With no formal education programs, breaking into the electronic discovery industry isn't easy. These tips can help you get your foot in the door.

10 New Years' Resolutions for Career Success

Here are 10 New Years resolutions that can help you achieve career success in the coming year.

Litigation Support Jobs
As the litigation support industry matures, a variety of specialized roles have developed. Here's a look at several of the most common careers in the litigation support and e-discovery industries.

8 Ways to Evaluate Your Job Satisfaction
Are you happy with your job? Here are eight ways to determine whether it's time to jump ship and find new employment.

7 Steps to Making a Career Change
Making a career change is a big step. Where do you begin? This article outlines the 7 steps to making a career change.

Mid-Life Career Change
Making a career change at any age isn't easy but a mid-life career change poses unique challenges. Review these strategies for making a mid-life career change.

Career Change Strategies – Part I
Looking to make a career change? CEOs, career experts, recruiters and other workplace experts from around the world offer their best career change advice.

Career Change Strategies – Part II
So you've decided to make a career change. These out-of-the box and tried-and-true career change strategies can help you on your path to professional fulfillment.

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