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Economic growth and advances in technology have fueled the demand for a growing range of talented legal professionals. Explore a wide range of professional opportunities in the legal and law enforcement industries and learn about the job duties, education, skills, job outlook, salaries and career resources pertaining to each career.
  1. Core Legal Careers (8)
  2. Courthouse Careers (8)
  3. Entry Level Legal Careers (6)
  4. Law Enforcement Careers (7)
  5. Legal Consulting Careers (3)
  6. Litigation Support Careers (9)

Core Legal Careers
These four careers are central to the legal profession. Is one of them right for you?

Legal Writing and Editing
Learn about careers in the legal writing, editing and publishing fields.

10 Legal Careers for Non-Lawyers
When most people consider a career in the legal field, they think of lawyers. However, a number of satisfying, lucrative legal career opportunities exist that do not require a time-consuming, expensive legal education.

8 Hot Careers in Law Enforcement
The law enforcement field is thriving. Learn more about some of the hottest careers in law enforcement and why they are in demand in this overview of cutting-edge law enforcement careers.

Law Librarian Job Duties
Although the traditional library is disappearing from law firms and corporate law departments, the librarian has not vanished with it. On the contrary, the librarian’s role has transformed and expanded. Here are a few tasks that law librarians commonly undertake.

8 Work Traits of a Successful Secretary
How do you set yourself apart as a stand-out secretarial professional? Here are 8 traits of a successful secretary.

Personal Injury Paralegal Skills and Abilities
What does it take to succeed as a personal injury paralegal? A 14-year paralegal veteran outlines the skills and abilities necessary to get ahead.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer
Medical malpractice lawyers are in a high-paying practice niche. Learn more about what it takes to become a medical malpractice lawyer.

Workers Compensation Attorney
Workers compensation attorneys work in a niche field helping injured workers fight for compensation (claimant side) or helping employers mitigate their exposure (defense side). Learn more about a career in workers compensation law.

Litigation Secretary
A career as a litigation secretary can be challenging and fulfilling. Learn about the job duties, skills and education of a litigation secretary.

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