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File Clerk



Law firms, large and small, have designated cabinets, drawers, rooms and/or warehouses in which case files and evidence are stored. File clerks are responsible for maintaining these spaces.

File clerks develop and maintain organized file systems; create, process and maintain file records; file and retrieve documents for attorneys and paralegals; and prepare records for off-site storage. File clerks may also maintain file room logs that track the location of files throughout the firm and dispose of files in accordance with established document retention schedules.


A high school diploma or its equivalent is necessary. Most training occurs on the job.


Working as a file clerk requires strong organization and communication skills. Attention to detail is also important. File clerks may be required to perform occasional heavy lifting of file boxes and documents.


As a file clerk, you will gain an inside look at how a law firm records department operates. You will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with many levels of law firm personnel.

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