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Hot Topics and Career Trends

The legal and law enforcement fields are changing. Review these resources to stay abreast of hot topics and career trends in the legal and law enforcement industries.
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Work-Life Balance Tips
About.com's Career Channel Guides provide tips on work life balance strategies, flexible work schedules, time management, ways to adapt your career to achieve a better work life balance and more.

Social Networking for Lawyers and Legal Professionals
Social networking has the potential to change the business and practice of law over the next five years. Learn how to leverage social media tools to your advantage.

Top Advantages of Outsourcing
Discover the advantages of legal process outsourcing and how your law firm or organization can benefit from this innovative organizational strategy.

Flex Time and Alternative Work Schedules
Achieving a balance between professional and personal life is a challenge in today’s fast-paced legal industry. These flex time options can help you gain more flexibility and control over your work schedule.

Work Life Balance Strategies
If you crave a better work life balance, review these strategies to achieve a saner, more flexible work schedule.

Work Life Balance: A Call for Reform
Recession-related layoffs are piling even greater workloads upon legal professionals. Many groups are calling for a better work life balance.

E-Discovery and the Litigation Support Professional
E-Discovery is a $2 billion industry and litigation support professionals are at the heart of it. Learn more about the exploding field of e-discovery.

Technology and the Law
An overview of how technology has impacted the legal industry including the role of technology in law firms, corporations and court rooms.

Law Enforcement Homicide Trends in the U.S.
The number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty has declined since the early 1970's. The U.S. Department of Justice offers statistics on homicide trends in the U.S.

Trends in Law Enforcement Recruiting
Officer.com provides an overview of future trends in law enforcement recruiting.

Law Firm Merger Mania
A recent study of law firm mergers by Altman Weil, Inc. concludes that merger has proven to be an economically successful growth strategy for large law firms.

Legal Market Trends
Northwestern University School of Law reports on hiring trends and diversity in the legal services market and provides links to recent market news.

10 Trends Reshaping the Legal Industry
The legal industry is changing. Here are ten trends that are transforming the legal industry and law practice.

2012 Trends
What trends are hot in the legal field? Check out these 10 predictions for 2012.

Workplace Bullying: Bullying Facts and Figures
Workplace bullying is on the rise. Learn more about bullying including what constitutes bullying behavior, bullying statistics, forms of bullying, firsthand accounts of workplace harassment, tips for combating bullying and the status of anti-bullying laws.

Bullying Stories
Workplace bullying is widespread and growing. These firsthand accounts of bullying offer a look into the stress, frustrating and despair that bullying victims suffer and demonstrate various ways that victims have dealt with workplace abuse.

Harassment Stories
What happens when a subordinate employee bullies his or her boss? This firsthand account of workplace harassment details the drama and devastation that a hostile work environment can cause.

Bullying Legislation
Since no federal laws currently prohibit workplace bullying, what legal protections are available to a bully victim? An employment attorney provides this overview of anti-bullying legislation in the United States.

Types of Bullying
Bullying can take many forms. This list of bullying tactics outlines the various forms of workplace harassment.

Dealing With Workplace Harassment
Have you or someone you know been bullied at work? Review these strategies for combating workplace harassment and enduring a hostile work environment.

Who is a Workplace Bullys Target?
What types of employees are most vulnerable to workplace bullying? Here are a few traits and characteristics of workplace bully targets.

3 Steps Employers Can Take to Prevent a Toxic Work Environment
Bullying behavior can lower moral, increase turnover and create a toxic work environment. Here are three steps employers can implement to diffuse a toxic workplace.

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