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Salaries in the legal services and law enforcement industries are rising. These resources provide a wealth of information on compensation statistics and salary trends in the legal industry as well as tips on negotiating salary, asking for a raise and other advice regarding compensation.

Highest Paying Legal Jobs
Legal salaries range from minimum wage to nine-digit incomes, but what legal jobs pay the most? Here is a list of the six most highly compensated legal professionals in today’s workforce.

Legal Salary Resources
Whether you're exploring careers, looking for a job or negotiating a salary or pay raise, salary information is an important part of the equation. Researching salaries in the legal industry is not always easy since salaries vary widely depending on location, industry, specialty, experience, education, type of employer, firm size and other factors. Below are a few salary calculators, tools and re…

Legal Job Compensation
The legal industry provides a steady and lucrative income for many legal professionals. Learn about what you can expect to earn as a legal professional.

How To Ask for A Raise
Tips and strategies on negotiating a pay raise including how to determine your market value and how to best advocate your case.

Evaluating Employee Benefits and Perks
Benefits and perks are an important consideration when evaluating a job offer. About.com Guide Alison Doyle dishes up advice on evaluating employment benefits.

The Impact of the Minimum Wage Increase
About.com Guide Susan Heathfield discusses the nation-wide impact of the minimum wage increase.

Salary Negotiation Tips
About.com Guide Susan Heathfield offers salary negotiation tips.

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