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Education and Training

The proper education and experience is the key to landing a job in the legal and law enforcement fields. Use these resources to learn about educational and training requirements including information on schools, testing, certification, admissions requirements, programs, financial aid and internships.
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Law School Guide
Thinking about law school? These resources can help you in every step of the process, from learning what law school is all about, to gaining admission, to surviving your first year to excelling in law school.

Henry Dahut Biography
Attorney Henry Dahut is the author of Marketing The Legal Mind and the founder of GotTrouble.com, an online legal and financial consumer resource.

Careful. A Career In Law Could Change The Way You Think.
Attorney Henry Dahut, author of Marketing The Legal Mind and the founder of GotTrouble.com, provides insight into learning to think like a lawyer.

Choosing a Distance Learning Program
Distance learning is one of the fastest-growing components of higher education. Learn about the key factors to consider in choosing a distance learning program.

Legal Internships, Externships, Clerkships and Clinics
Legal internships provide an opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience, refine their skills and provide valuable support to a legal employer. Navigate the maze of internships, externships, clinics and clerkships through this guide to legal intenships.

Summer Clerkships
So, you’ve landed a coveted summer clerkship with a law firm. Here are a few tips for surviving your summer clerkship and avoiding surprises come Labor Day.

Police Officer Qualifications, Skills and Testing
About.com Guide Charles Montaldo outlines the skills, training, testing and qualifications needed to become a police officer.

LL.M. (Master of Law)
A guide to the LL.M. degree (Master of Law).

Too Old for School?
Do you think you're too old for school? These personal stories of older students who returned to school later in life explain the challenges and successes of furthering your education after age 35.

Can Doing a Law School Clinic Help You Get a Law Job?
Law students often wonder if doing a clinic can help you get an attorney job when you graduate. The short answer is, “Yes!

7 Legal Skills You Can Use in Any Job
If you’re considering a career switch, and you’re concerned that your background as a lawyer has made you too specialized, think more broadly.

11 Interesting Career Books for Lawyers (and Aspiring Lawyers)
Lawyers spend tons of time reading for work, but it’s worth it to make some time for career-related reading, too.

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