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Job Market

The legal job market is exploding. Read here to learn about job market trends, statistics, employment outlooks and other information about the job market for legal and law enforcement professionals.
  1. Law Enforcement Agencies

Career Profile: Reed Smith
Company profile of Reed Smith including firm overview, awards, culture, job opportunities and compensation.

Company Profile: Federal Bureau of Investigation
With over 34,500 individuals on its payroll, the FBI reports a critical need to hire new Special Agents and other law enforcement professionals to carry out the FBI’s mission. Learn more about job opportunities with the FBI.

Company Profile: Thorp, Reed & Armstrong, LLP
Thorp, Reed & Armstrong, LLP, is seeking candidates with “intelligence, a good work ethic, and a commitment to providing the highest quality support and service to our attorneys and clients.” Learn about legal employment opportunities with this fast-growing law firm.

Legal Process Offshoring
Think competition is stiff in the United States legal job market? Now U.S. lawyers, paralegals, secretaries and other legal staff must also compete with cut-rate legal employees in India and other overseas developing countries. Learn more about the growing trend of legal offshoring.

Post 9-11 Security Job Openings
About.com Guide Robert Longley provides an overview of security job openings with the federal government following September 11.

How to Find a Lawyer
Looking for a lawyer? Review these insider tips on locating and hiring the right lawyer for your legal needs.

Job Tips for Older Workers
If you're 40 or over, check out these job tips for older workers.

State of the Legal Market Report
BCG Attorney Search provides an across-the-nation report on the employment outlook in for attorneys across the country.

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