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Job Search Strategies and Resources

Whether you are in the legal or law enforcement industry, here you will find resources to help you land the job of your dreams.
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Online Job Search - 5 Online Job Search Tools
Online Job Search - 5 Online Job Search Tools

Job Search Strategies
If you are in school training for a legal career, the time to begin thinking about your job search is now, not after graduation. In an ever-tightening job market, employers have their pick of candidates and competition for jobs is fiercer than ever. Below are 15 tips for kick starting your job search while in school and snagging a great position...

Alternative Legal Careers
Have you determined that a career in the law is not for you? Here are a few alternative legal careers you might explore in your search for a new career path.

Legal Employment Websites
One of the easiest ways to locate current job openings is through on-line employment boards and job listings. Kick off your job search by navigating these top legal employment sites on the web.

8 Ways to Jump Start Your Legal Career
Eight tips for jump starting a career in the legal field, whether you are a student evaluating career opportunities or an experienced professional transitioning into the legal field.

6 Ways to Gain Legal Work Experience
You have the education, the ability and the ambition. Now all you need is work experience. Here are a few ways to get your foot in the door.

Tips and Strategies for Interviewing with Legal Employers
Job Interview Tips - Tips and stategies for interviewing with legal employers, including researching law firms and legal employers, developing a marketing pitch, connecting with your interviewer, dressing for an interview, maintaining a positive attitude, closing the deal and writing thank you notes.

State and Local Law Enforcement Jobs
Here's a list of state law enforcement agency recruiting web sites.

Job Search Strategies
Looking for a job? This list of job search strategies can help refine, focus and energize your job search. Some of these job search strategies are unconventional while some are tried and true. These tips can help you navigate a tough job market and land a job that is right for you.

Legal Internships, Externships, Clerkships and Clinics
Legal internships provide an opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience, refine their skills and provide valuable support to a legal employer. Navigate the maze of internships, externships, clinics and clerkships through this guide to legal intenships.

Job Interview Tips for Older Workers
If you're over 40 and seeking work, these job interview tips for older workers can help you ace the interview, beat out younger competition and land the job.

Job Networking Tips for Older Workers
Job networking can be tricky, especially if you're over 40. Here are some job networking tips for older workers from industry insiders.

Job Search Tips for Older Workers
Finding a new job when you're over 40 can be a challenge. Read these job search tips for older workers from workplace experts around the country.

8 Job Search Strategies for Workers Over 40
Over 40 and back in the job hunt? These eight job search strategies for workers over 40 can help you land a job in no time.

Sample Thank You Letter
Thanking your interviewer following a job interview is a must. Here is a sample thank you letter that you can customize to fit your needs.

How to Get a Job in Today’s Tough Job Market
Get unique and cutting-edge advice from the experts on how to get a job in today's tough job market.

Creating Effective Writing Samples
As a job seeker, a poor writing sample can eliminate your chances for an interview. Check out these five tips to creating an effective writing sample.

How to Craft a Compelling Narrative for Your Legal Job Hunt
Are you applying to legal jobs and not getting results? Time to change your approach, and shape your story to meet the needs of potential employers.

Want a Legal Job? 4 Tips for Getting People to Help You
Feeling alone in your legal job hunt? Here are four tips for getting other people to help you!

What Matters More - Law School Grades or Work Experience?
Law students often wonder which is more important for getting a job - law school grades or work experience? The short answer, both!

5 Tips for Unemployed Law Grads
If you graduated from law school and don't have a job, you're not alone. Here are five suggestions for coping this summer.

6 Career Tips for Incoming 1Ls
Are you starting law school soon? Here are six useful tips for setting yourself up for the legal job you want.

What to Wear (and Bring) to Your Legal Job Interview
As soon as the initial excitement of having a legal job interview wears off, you may ask what to wear and what to bring. Here's some advice.

Handling 6 Legal Job Interview Problems
If you do enough job interviews, you’ll run into some problems. Here are six tips on handling sticky situations that arise in legal job interviews.

How to Follow Up After a Legal Job Interview
After your legal job interview, it’s important to follow up. Expressing your gratitude is appreciated, and might even help you land the job.

Questions to Ask (and Avoid) in Legal Job Interviews
One of the most stressful aspects of legal job interviews is the, “Do you have any questions for me?” question. Here are five ideas for what to ask.

6 Things to Look for in a Legal Job Interview
When you go for a legal job interview, ask if this a place you’d like to work. Here are some questions to help evaluate your potential employment.

8 Common Law Job Interview Questions

What Are Legal Employers Looking for in a New Hire?
What is your potential employer looking for? If you understand this, you’re more likely to make a good impression and, hopefully, to get the job.

5 Things To Do Before Your Legal Job Interview

The Art of the Legal Job Interview
There's a lot of angst around legal job interviewing, which is why we've prepared this nuts-and-bolts guide for you!

A Job-Related Checklist for Incoming 1Ls
Starting law school soon? Congratulations! Have you thought about how you’re going to get a job? No? Time to get on that.

How to Prepare for an OCI Interview

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