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Law School Questions and Answers

Law School FAQs

What education must I have before applying to law school?
Law School - Admissions advice and information about law school

What subject should I major in to get into law school?
law school undergraduate major - a guide to what subject to major in before attending law school

What classes should I take to improve my prospects of law school admission?
College Classes - What College Classes to Take in Preparing for Law School

What do I need to score on the LSAT to get into to law school?
LSAT Score - An overview of LSAT scores including law school ranking indexes and what you LSAT score you need to get into law school.

What factors do law schools consider in making admissions decisions?
Law school admissions - factors law schools consider in making law school admissions decisions including a discussion of LSAT scores, grade point average and other admissions factors

How do I decide what law schools to apply to?
A guide to choosing a law school, including information on law school rankings.

What will I study in law school?
Law School Curriculum - An overview of the typical law school curriculum and first-year classes.

How much does law school cost?
Law School Costs - A brief overview of law school costs,law school loans and financial assistance.

Can I attend law school part-time?
Part-Time Law School - A brief overview of attending law school part-time, including part-time statistics.

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