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Legal and Law Enforcement Career Basics

Want to learn about careers in the law? Get up to speed on the basics including career options, compensation issues, alternative legal careers, rewards of a legal career and more.

Becoming a Lawyer
If you are contemplating becoming a lawyer, this compilation of articles examines many aspects of law school and law practice.

Lawyer Careers: Share Your Story
Working as a lawyer is full of rewards and challenges. Share your story regarding what inspired you to become a lawyer or review these stories submitted by other lawyers.See submissions

So, You Want to Become a Lawyer
Ten factors every prospective law student must consider before choosing to become a lawyer.

Should You Become a Paralegal or a Lawyer?
Weighing your options between becoming a paralegal or a lawyer? Review these 15 considerations to determine the best career choice for you.

Top Ten Legal Skills
Read up on the top ten legal skills you need to excel in today's competitive legal market.

Legal Career Opportunities
The legal industry is thriving and now is a great time to embark on a legal career. Learn about dozens of legal career options and choose an exciting career in the law today.

10 Reasons to Choose a Career in the Legal Profession
If you are weighing your career options, review these top ten reasons to choose a career in the legal profession.

Legal Education and Training
The length of time required to complete a legal education runs the gamut from a few months to seven years, depending on the position. Here is an overview of the legal education requirements for many legal jobs.

10 Worst Things About A Career as a Lawyer
There are many rewards and advantages to working as a lawyer. However, attorney work has its drawbacks as well. Here are the ten worst things about a career as a lawyer.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Lawyer
A career as a lawyer is an extraordinary calling. These top 10 reasons to become a lawyer explain some of the benefits of working as an attorney.

The 8 Best Things About Being a Paralegal
Client demands, economic necessity and explosive growth have made paralegals a popular career choice. Learn the 8 best things about being a paralegal.

The 8 Worst Things About Being a Paralegal
A career as paralegal can be a wonderfully fulfilling profession. However, paralegal jobs have their disadvantages. Here are 8 of the top challenges of the paralegal profession.

Paralegal Career Information
The explosive growth of the paralegal profession reflects the demand for well-trained professionals to assist lawyers. This guide can help you determine whether a career as a paralegal is right for you.

What is a Paralegal?
The titles of "paralegal" and "legal assistant" have evolved over the last several decades since the paralegal field first sprung into existence. Learn the difference between these two terms and how they are used today.

Legal Jobs – Part II: Non-Lawyer Careers in a Law Firm
Three quarters of legal professionals work in a law firm. Learn about non-lawyer roles in a law firm and the law firm career ladder.

Legal Jobs Part I: Lawyer Careers
Lawyers work in many practice environments but the law firm is the most common. Learn about lawyer roles in a law firm and the law firm lawyer hierarchy.

Litigation Law: Part I
What is it like to work in civil litigation? If you are interested in a litigation career, check out these advantages of litigation work.

Litigation Law: Part II
The media portrays litigation work as exhilirating, fast-paced and glamorous. These litigation cons expose the dark side of a litigation career.

This guide to litigation explains the litigation process and career fields within the litigation arena.

6 Career Tips for Incoming 1Ls
Are you starting law school soon? Here are six useful tips for setting yourself up for the legal job you want.

What to Wear (and Bring) to Your Legal Job Interview
As soon as the initial excitement of having a legal job interview wears off, you may ask what to wear and what to bring. Here's some advice.

Handling 6 Legal Job Interview Problems
If you do enough job interviews, you’ll run into some problems. Here are six tips on handling sticky situations that arise in legal job interviews.

How to Follow Up After a Legal Job Interview
After your legal job interview, it’s important to follow up. Expressing your gratitude is appreciated, and might even help you land the job.

Questions to Ask (and Avoid) in Legal Job Interviews
One of the most stressful aspects of legal job interviews is the, “Do you have any questions for me?” question. Here are five ideas for what to ask.

6 Things to Look for in a Legal Job Interview
When you go for a legal job interview, ask if this a place you’d like to work. Here are some questions to help evaluate your potential employment.

8 Common Law Job Interview Questions

What Are Legal Employers Looking for in a New Hire?
What is your potential employer looking for? If you understand this, you’re more likely to make a good impression and, hopefully, to get the job.

5 Things To Do Before Your Legal Job Interview

The Art of the Legal Job Interview
There's a lot of angst around legal job interviewing, which is why we've prepared this nuts-and-bolts guide for you!

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