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A career in the legal profession can be intellectually challenging, personally fulfilling and financially rewarding. Explore careers in the law and get up to speed on the basics including educational requirements, required skill sets, legal work environments and more.
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Understand the Industry

Not certain what a career in the legal industry entails or how to get started? Explore the articles below to expand your legal career IQ and determine if the legal profession is right for you.

Career Profiles

The delivery of legal services is a complex process that requires a team of skilled professionals. As a result, the legal field holds hundreds of legal career options encompassing a diverse range of skills, experience and education. Learn about careers in the law including the job duties, required education, skills, salary, work environment and employment outlook of each position.

Law School

These articles will help you understand the A-Z's of law school, from gaining admission to succeeding once you're there.

Legal Training

The length of time required to complete a legal education ranges from a few months to seven years, depending on the career for which you are training. Learn about the educational requirements and training options for many legal jobs.

Legal Skills

While legal positions vary greatly in scope and responsibility, there are several core legal skills that are required in most legal functions. Learn about the top skills neccesary to excel in today’s competitive legal market and how to polish those skills to advance your career.

Practice Environments

Legal professionals work in a variety of settings and practice environments. While the majority of all legal personnel are employed in law firms, legal professionals also work in private industry, the government, public interest, the judiciary, academia, consulting firms and other settings.

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