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Trial Technology Consultant


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What is a Trial Technology Consultant?:

As technology reshapes the legal landscape, a new breed of trial consultant has emerged: the trial technologist. These tech-savvy consultants employ technology in the courtroom to persuade juries, explain complex concepts and communicate trial themes. Trial technology consultants also employ multimedia presentations, graphics and demonstrative exhibits to assist with trial preparation, arbitrations and hearings.


Trial technologists generally possess certified vocational education or a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, audio engineering, video production, or related field.

Job Duties:

Trial technology consultants collaborate with attorneys, experts, vendors and the legal team to create custom multi-media presentations for use at trial including charts, graphics, illustrations, videos, computer-generated animations, and working models. Trial technology consultants also assist with war room configuration, trial presentation equipment rental, and software training and support. At trial, trial technology consultants coordinate the placement and set up of technology in the courtroom including projectors, monitors, screens and laptops, manage digital evidence and troubleshoot technology issues.


Trial technology consultants most possess exceptional technology skills including proficiency with sophisticated courtroom technology and presentation software, video editing, audio/visual systems setup and IT support. Excellent communication, presentation and project management skills are essential as well as the ability to troubleshoot technology problems and devise solutions in high pressure situations.

Work Conditions:

Trial technology consultants generally work in-house for large law firms or corporate legal departments or are employed by independent consulting firms. Since their schedules are dictated by their client’s trial dates, trial technology consultants are frequently required to travel to trial locations, work extended hours and meet tight deadlines.

Job Outlook:

With the growing range and complexity of trial presentation technology and digital evidence, the role of trial technology consultant is expanding. Since research reveals the juries retain more of what they see than what they hear, attorneys are turning to high-tech trial techniques to educate and sway juries.

Moreover, a demographic shift in juror composition has encouraged lawyers to connect with young jurors though high-tech tools in the courtroom. Sophisticated technology and visual graphics have great impact on younger generations who routinely process information visually in short sound bites.

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